It’s true, we don’t look like your typical videographer + photographer hipster types, we don’t sip on organic fairtrade coffee – it’s whichever pods are on special at Pak n Save, or a pot of tea. We don’t ride bicycles to meetings around Auckland – we live in the ‘burbs, so it’s people movers to and from home, school, basketball practice, events and home again.

Our shooting style is candid documentary with beautiful cinematic moments.


Our unique editing style is chronological order! Lol!  You might have noticed that some wedding videos jump all around through time and space, and although it’s easy to edit, it can make the story of the day confusing and difficult to follow.  So we keep things in the natural order that it unfolded and use the best and beautiful bits of your day to create a highlights film that makes you feel like you’re there!


Other companies tend to have a “signature style” for grading their footage and images, but we would rather take our cues from you.  If your day is bright and vibrantly coloured, so is your wedding film!  If it’s cool and crisp winter vibes, then we keep that feeling in your film!  If it’s a warm and hazy summer day, then that’s what you get.

Gray is a professional video editor, film-making long before digital this and HD that. His craft is old world, time consuming but each edit is lovingly treated as if his own. He edits with such care and skill, that the heart and personality of our couples, clients and their special moments shines through.


My background is marketing and design, so along with the title of videographer + photographer, I also love being the voice at the other end of the phone or email, exploring all the possibilities of our clients’ events, and tinkering around on the laptop with accounts and social media.


Although we are a small team, we have a network of wildly talented friends we can tap into if we need to add to it. And because this is our full-time thing, with no hubby or wife with a 9 to 5 on the side to fall back on, it means our commitment and attention to each project is present and absolute.


We are romantics, and we love what we do – it means we get the privilege of attending all sorts of amazing events where we are the eyes of posterity. When it’s time for editing, we are at home in the edit suite, but most importantly; we are at home with our three kids, while they’re still young. There’s no better place.

Although we have been strictly videography in the past, we also recognise that couples + clients love the ease of being able to have a film + photo team who work together seamlessly.  So, we’re now offering photography to complement and complete our film packages.  Being that videography is still our primary focus, we don’t currently do photography only weddings, but I can definitely recommend incredible photographers who do!  We are also more than happy to work alongside other photographers if you’re looking to have us just film your day!

Moving Films are based in Auckland, but we love the excitement, variety and new vistas that a destination wedding brings, both here in NZ and around the Pacific. If you’re curious where we’re at, just enquire – we might be in your neck of the woods for your Big Day!