Choosing your film + photo team

We know how challenging it is finding, choosing, and finally, entrusting someone to capture all the epic moments of your special day.  We were making the same choices more than twenty years ago (yikes!) when choosing our wedding vendors – we thought to ourselves …


Wouldn’t it be great if we had a trusted family friend or Uncle and Aunty that had a wedding video + photo business to come and do it for us?


Back then, it was us who were those people.  Over the last few years, I’ve realised that it is still us, and it is THIS, that is our difference!  We ARE the relatives that go to all the weddings and family functions – the ones with the grunty cameras and the beautiful lenses.  We are those rellies that also, just happen to shoot and edit the most phenomenal wedding and event films and photos.


Couples who choose us for their wedding day do it because we feel like family.  They feel safe in our company and trust our experiences and knowledge to know what and how to capture and most importantly, deliver all the moments they want to remember forever and share with the grandchildren they haven’t met yet.

Not every wedding is a rustic wedding

Our shooting style is candid documentary – authentic storytelling with beautiful cinematic moments.  We’ll never insist that you change the order or running of your day to suit us. If asked, we might make some helpful suggestions if we have experienced something similar, but essentially it is your day!


Our unique editing style is chronological order! Lol!  You might have noticed that some wedding videos jump all around through time and space.  Although it’s super easy to edit this way, it can make the story of the day confusing and difficult to follow.  So we keep things in the natural order that it unfolded and use the best and beautiful bits of your day to create a superb highlights film that makes you feel like you’re right there.


Other companies tend to have a “signature style” for grading their footage and images, but we’d rather take our cues from you.  If your wedding day theming is bright and vibrantly coloured, so is your wedding film!  If it’s cool and crisp winter vibes, then we keep that feeling in your film!  If it’s a warm and hazy summer day, then that’s what you get.


You’re in safe hands!

On your wedding night, even though the party is just getting started once we put the cameras down, we won’t stay and party with you.  We are still technically on the clock.  Because when we get back to base, we back-up everything (twice actually).  We don’t do it the next day or before the next shoot, it’s done on the very same night.  We do this because it’s just safer that way.  We never have to wonder – did we back up our memory cards?  You have the peace of mind knowing that your footage is in safe hands.


We’re dependable, like family

This business isn’t just a hobby or a weekend job.  We both work in this business full-time and we don’t have other jobs that we do during the week – Moving Films and the couples we serve is our absolute passion!  And even though we’re a small team, we’ve got a network of wildly talented friends we can tap into if we need to.

Plus, because we’ve been doing this so long we’ve seen almost everything a wedding day can throw at you!  We are a treasure trove of valuable information about all things weddings!  Feel free to pick our brains! X