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Create your bespoke wedding video with Moving Films and remember everything from your wedding day.

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Moving Films are a collective of a full-time husband and wife directing/editing/camera operating team and their close network of film and television industry professionals.  Along with directing their telly programmes or music videos, they also lend their talent in creating some extraordinary, cinematic wedding films.


Like you, we understand that your wedding video is more than just a video … it’s a cinematic record of one of the most important and special milestones in your life, both for you and the generations who follow.  Just wait – you will be so caught up in the whirlwind of the day’s events, it’s difficult to take a moment to cherish the detail and magic of the day – with a wedding film you can visit it over and over again – you capture the details you planned and poured over … the way you moved in your wedding dress … your nervous hands … the sound of your voice reciting your vows … the words you spoke … the colour and laughter of your guests.

We specialise in cinematic film-making, and as such, we don’t offer wedding photography with our film packages, but we do work with incredible photographers on a regular basis and are more than happy to put you in touch directly with talented wedding photographers.

Moving Films are based in Auckland, but love the excitement, variety and new vistas that a destination wedding brings, both here in NZ and around the Pacific.  If you’re curious where we’re at, just enquire – we might be in your neck of the woods for your Big Day!

Preserving Precious Memories

It’s our creative aim to capture the empathy and emotion of your day, plus all the details and decorations you’ve poured over for months, all those things which can sometimes become forgotten.

Film & TV Industry Professionals

Along with our core team, you also get exclusive access to Film and TV industry professionals. During the week they might be shooting a motion picture or directing a music video, and on the weekend, along with the Moving Films full-time crew, they lend their cinematic and technical expertise to capture your wedding day.

Stunning High Definition

Moving Films shoots and delivers all weddings in vivid 1080 HD technology and provides footage in Blu-ray and high res digital formats.

Share and Make Your Own Copies

Most importantly, we are not in the business of duplicating or selling DVD copies.  This means, when you receive your final footage, it is yours to share and copy with whomever you wish, without having to pay us for extra copies.