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Flash Drive Box with Bow

When we started Moving Films in 2012, I was giddy with the thought of how I would approach our disc and usb packaging for our couples finished films!  We had a magnetic catch album that held a custom photo printed Blu-ray and DVD of all the couple’s teaser trailer, highlights montage, full ceremony, full speeches and sometimes, guest messages.

We had the prettiest usb flash drive which was heart shaped and encrusted with real fake crystals, lol.  The couple would also received extra DVD copies each in their own DVD case, again with custom photo printed case cover.

In all honesty, the burning and copying onto discs was a huge amount of work, and when I discovered that most of our couples weren’t really watching them, we started to phase those out in favour of just the usb flash drives.

Now more than 10 years later, our video file delivery is via Dropbox, which is awesome and photos via online gallery with built-in Queensberry Shop for the very best prints and canvases!  But if you want something a little more special and something you can hold in your hands, our crystal flash drives are the perfect keepsake for yourselves, and can even be a beautiful gift for loved ones to share your day with.

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