Thank you so much for letting us know you’re not going ahead with us!  We acknowledge that it takes time to let us know and if you’re able to share why you chose someone else, I’m sure your feedback will help make us better for the next new couple!


It might not be one thing in particular and it might have nothing to do with us, but any feedback you have would mean the world to us!  The following form is absolutely anonymous, so feel free to select any that apply and/or any helpful comments X

Ngā mihi nui

    Style of videography not what I'm looking forStyle of photography not what I'm looking forStyle of colour grading not what I'm looking forSomething else?

    Price too highPrice seems too lowFound cheaper elsewhereSomething else?

    Package has more than I need for the pricePackage has less than I want for the priceNot enough time for the priceNot enough videographers includedNot enough photographers includedSeems too hard to customise a packageSomething else?

    Not detailed enoughToo detailedToo confusingSomething else?