Choosing who to film your wedding

Whether you know it yet or not, choosing a videographer for your wedding day is going to be one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding. More than fitting your budget, they need to fit your personality and your individual style.


Your film crew are with you and your inner circle all day long and are charged with the task and privilege of documenting this important moment in time for you and your loved ones – from the tiniest décor choices, through to your cherished family and friends.

Take them for a Test Drive

A great way to ‘test drive’ your videographer is to book an Engagement or Save the Date video with them. Other than being a cool way to share the news of your coming nuptials, you will get a good feel for the people behind the lens, how they work, what kind of equipment they use and what the finished product looks like long before your wedding (when there are no retakes) and whether it matches the theme, tone and overall feeling you want to create for your wedding.  Plus, if they’re like us, you can get a great deal if you book it with a full film package.

How Close?

Consider this – no other wedding vendor (except for maybe the photographer) will be as close to you, or be with you for as many hours as your film crew will be – from when you get your hair and makeup done, right through to your first dance as you celebrate with your nearest and dearest, they will be there.

For this reason, we need to get to know you both – we meet face to face and make sure we are a good fit – us with you and you with us.

The Perfect Fit

It is important to us that you are:

  • Comfortable with us before your wedding – so you can let us know what you love, and what you don’t love so much, along with which moments and details are a must have for your finished film.
  • Relaxed with our team on your big day – so you can let go, be yourself and in the moment, and trust that we will capture those moments, in beautiful, cinematic style.
  • Honest with us after your wedding – so you can let us know what stays and what gets cut when reviewing your edits, to ensure the perfect, bespoke wedding film for you and the generations that follow you.

If you’ve watched some of our clients’ films, and want the same for your wedding – let us know. We can email you our e-brochure (a pdf file because we like trees more than printed paper).

Then, if you like, we can have an absolutely no obligation, no strings attached Skype call or if you’re in Auckland, grab a coffee somewhere, watch some films not on our website, and see if we’re a match for you and go from there.

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